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  1. Crystal Mejia

    I love seeing this blog style from you whit!! I lost my dog over a year ago and Navy reminds me of him, but my body was white & I miss him so much so I love seeing Navy especially!❤️

  2. Jessica Marie


    1. Jessica Marie

      Your little fam is my fav <3

  3. Darianna Alanis

    You’re actually my biggest inspiration, I just love youuu and your puppers 🥺🤍

  4. chiana

    Whitney, I think this is the best vlog you ever posted. Thank you i love Navy and Indy HBD!!!

  5. Saint C

    This was super cute🤍🦋 I just got a new baby puppy and I can’t wait to create memories with her 💙🤍

  6. Sarahhalee S.


  7. Mallory Lawrence

    This video just made my day 1) all the dogs 🐶 2) your talk in the middle (I needed that) 3) Navy’s singing ☺️

  8. Lahaela

    Extremely excited!! One piece of feedback: I’ll probably buy the gym bag anyway (because my previous Gymshark gym bag was stolen from my garage a few weeks ago 💀💀) BUT I see that it doesn’t have a shoe compartment. I really really loved the shoe bag in my old bag so hopefully we can see that in V3!!

  9. Nancy Hang

    Omg sooo adorable..Navy singing lol

  10. Melanie B

    Thank you for those kind words about healing and grief. I lost my dog a week ago and she was my best friend and my world. It's been so hard and I feel so empty without her. I hope your puppers live long and healthy lives! Love you!

  11. Lynn Mcfatter

    Such a beautiful little family. Stephen is so supportive of you Whitney & such a good pup dad. I love yals enthusiasm for the birthday celebration. Can’t wait to watch yal grow & make more memories. 💙 Happy Birthday Puppers!! 💙

  12. Erika E

    Lmao. You would have a celebration for your dog. Couldn’t even finish this one...

  13. Haley Penuel

    "I dunno what happened there" HONEY. You're a PISCES. You was born to be emotional, girl! LET IT OUT!

  14. Lucia Ruggiero

    Please do more vlogs!!! Love you whit💗💗💗

  15. Shannon Brady

    Yesss I love a good Whitney blog!!! 🥳 liked it before I even watched it cause I know it’ll be goooooood

  16. Yoga with Alauna

    This is the most wholesome thing on the internet lol

  17. Lindsay Smith

    Awww such a good dog mom ❤️

  18. Amanda Seaberg

    Navy's attitude throughout this video represents my Monday mood. I want nothing to do with it 🤣😂😆

  19. Ceci Garcia

    I’m just crying😭 too sweet!🙏🏽🤍

  20. Olivia H

    So sweet!!!! How is your psoriasis managing - noticed a few patches, ouch (I suffer too!)! Is the gluten free/dairy free diet helping?

  21. Lindsay May

    Oh my goodness I could just cry watching this🥺🥺🥺they are so so precious. Reminds me of how I am with my pups💛💛🤍🤍

  22. Rach Smith

    Navy’s little face when you sang him happy birthday just melted my heart. Omg so pure

  23. Shelby Johnson

    This video makes me so happy 😭💙 such beautiful pups!!!

  24. Bianca Quiñones

    I cried so much happy tears!!!! 🥺🥰❤️💖 and I can’t stop crying Whit!!! I love seeing dogs get spoiled and get so much lovin from their parents! They deserve the world! Meanwhile my puppers and I cuddled the whole time watching this! 💖 so beautiful 🥺😍❤️

  25. Ashley Christy

    Cutest video ever wow made my day 😭😍♥️

  26. Skylar Kennedy

    stefan the percentage king

  27. hello

    Wait a minute....Indy eyelashes ... I mean what is the secret?

  28. Vivian G

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 A VIDEO THAT NO ONE KNEW WE NEEDED 😭😭😭 SWEET BABY ANGELS!!!!! We don’t deserve dogs or you Whit 😭😭😭

  29. Caroline Lapano

    I am so incredibly pleased that I am not the only one who is this extra for their dogs birthday 😂🥳❤️

  30. Jamie Adams

    This was my favorite vlog ever. So cute.

  31. Amelie Wagner

    Thank you for touching on grief, everyday is a beautiful day to be alive, but sometimes it’s so hard to see it. You help me see that light and I hope your community can do the same for you 💕

  32. gabriella martinez

    New whit video = great week☺️ I just have to say that you being yourself and sharing your life helps others so much more than you know ❤️ I’m a new business owner and though things have been doing great with no major setbacks it’s still a very scary thing and watching your videos truly motivate me , I’m sure you hear that all the time but for me personally your Choice to be independent and go after your dreams have been one on my biggest inspirations! Have a great week ❤️

  33. Alexandra Hummel

    Happy Birthday cute pups! Glad to see I am not the only one who goes all out for the fur babies! What breed are Navy and Indy? I am thinking about getting my little man a friend, he is so anxious since I went back to work.

  34. Cheyann Harvey

    This is the cutest video ever! 😭💙🤍🐾

  35. Winsical Moments

    I got my first puppy as a senior in college too! He’s a covid pup but he’s the best thing ever 🥺🐾

  36. Emerson Althaus

    you’re videos make my week so much better!

  37. Morgan Ariel Henry

    ugh your pups are just so stinkin cute!

  38. Lola P


  39. Alexis Schoettlin

    its the family singing Happy Birthday time for me😂🥺❤️

  40. Alena Torres

    I can't wait to see you with human kiddos! Such a good mama!

  41. Chelseaa

    This was literally the cutest freakin video! ❤️🤗 ❤️ Cuteness levels through the Rooff!! 🐶 Haha

  42. Denise Cannon

    Happy birthday wittle cute babies! 🥺

  43. Monique R

    I loved this vlog Whitney! You are such an amazing person, whenever I watch your videos you make me feel so happy and positive! ✨💗✨💗 I met you at the Gymshark pop up in Melbourne the last time you came, and I gave you a koala and purse with your initials engraved, would love to know that you got it? Sending so much love to you and yours 💗🥰😘💗

  44. Xoxoangie07

    Why I’m I crying! Lol 😂

  45. Valerie Lopez

    love you whit <3

  46. Krystal Elizabeth

    Can we get 'It's a Beautiful Day to Be Alive' dance video PLEASE!!!.....LOL! BTW Happy Birthday Navy and Indylu!!!!!!

  47. Stephanie Davalos

    This video resonated so deeply with me. We just had to put down our family dog on Saturday after almost 13 years with him. So when you were talking about grieving, I totally felt you on that. Thank you for sharing and also being open 💕

  48. Katarína Kalmárová

    Please please dont drive with them runnin freely in car. One lady I know lost her dog like that. She needed to jump on brekas and poor puppy flew to the front window and didnt make it. Please try to look on other options how to travel with them 😊 but i love you and your puparooos are the cutest 😍

  49. Nandini Schneider

    This is honestly one of my favorite vlogs by you it was so cute. And the heartfelt talk, this year has been rough, and loss on top of that makes it even more difficult, but remember what we are grateful for each and every day is the most important. The ones we have lost are still always with us. Sending you love.

  50. Arely Najera

    I love this, I have a girl and boy doggy babies and always celebrate their bdays similar to you! lol team dog mom 💕😂

  51. elizabeth Curry

    Whitney... I already loved you!!! But this video is why I super, super, super love you!!! ❤️❤️ dogs are the BEST!!!

  52. Aparna Saksena

    "Grief comes in waves.. some days are better than others" I felt that hard Whitney... Your daily affirmations have helped all of us (by that I mean: me) so much... Love you so much!!

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Love you 😭💙

  53. Kayla Hook

    what breed are navy and indy

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Cocker Spaniel Poodles 🤍

  54. Yoko Miller

    This is so wholesome and will 10000% be me when I get a dog haha, happy belated to both of the pups!

  55. Makayla Modin

    thank you for the dog vlog! navy and indy are so cute :)

  56. Maddy S


  57. Jessica Cunningham

    Awe I love the puppy cake

  58. erica bostrom

    What kind of dogs are they?

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Cocker Spaniel Poodles 💙

  59. April May

    this is just TOO WHOLESOME!!!!!!

  60. Oshi Plays

    this is actully really good, want to be youtube friends?

  61. Jadin Rahal

    Thank you so much for sharing, put a smile on my face today!

  62. Tracey P

    Oh my god thank you both for this. I cant tell you how much i love those pups watching Navy from a baby they are both growing up beautifully you should be proud parents 😗

  63. ma216

    Whitney, are you okay? I hope you always see the light in every tunnel and situation. Love you so much, girl! 💙

  64. karen wen

    such a wholesome vlog

  65. Romee

    There is pure joy in being a fur mumma. You're so blessed to be surrounded by such sweet puppers 💙💙💙 Happy birthday to the babies 🐶

  66. Anna Hernandez

    this video made my entire life im done

    1. Whitney Simmons


  67. noWam

    So close to 2mil💙🤩🤩🤩🤩🙏🏻

  68. Marlene Chavez

    Aw this video made me almost want to cry 😢

  69. michellesomaida

    So close to 2 million ❤️ we love you !!!

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Love you more 😭💙

    2. michellesomaida

      Stephen saying 100% 😂😂 he’s going to make me start saying that lol

  70. Natalie Nudera

    So cute!! What breed are your puppers??

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Cocker Spaniel Poodles 💙

  71. Natalie Halabi

    Cuteness overload 😍

  72. DivyaRao

    This is such a happy vlog❤️❤️❤️

  73. Trina Clark DIlworth

    Yay navy and Indy 💕 the sweetest pups

  74. Lainey Harper

    Okay this actually had me smiling the whole time 💙

  75. Anna Pribyl

    holy moly this video gave me allll the feels. you got the sweetest pups. thanks for making me smile after a 12 hour night shift🥰

  76. jeantyhorsemanship

    ❤️❤️❤️ your mini talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was just what I needed today, so thank you ☺️

  77. Kwazzi K

    This video is so cute. Makes me wabt a dog even more. I love how you guys care for your dogs.

  78. Mackenzie Marinell

    Happy birthday Navy!! 🎉 it’s my birthday too!

    1. Whitney Simmons

      Happy birthday 😭😭💙🎉

  79. Kinza Kooner

    Had to thumbs up the video for navy’s singing!!!

    1. Whitney Simmons


  80. Hayley Calarco

    I am gushing over how supportive Stefan is over the dog birthday activities. So sweet - you really found your perfect match Whit. So happy for you.

    1. Whitney Simmons

      He loves them so much 😭❤️