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    1. Brittany Notice

      It’s Navy’s singing for me. He deserves a Grammy

      1. Bri Hudson

        @Damian Washington i think they are cockapoos!!

      2. Damian Washington

        What dog breeds are they? They are so cute❤️

      3. Whitney Simmons

        He’s so talented 😂😭

    2. Brooke Schmidt

      This is the wholesome content we need right now 😍😭 I loved this video, Whitney!

    3. Diamond Evans

      I wish I could give this video 1mil likes its soo cute🥺🥺🥺💗

    4. Vanessa Rodriguez

      That man loves you! He went full dog parent with you on this celebration! I’m sorry for whatever you’re going through, you’ll get through it babe! Sending lots of love & positivity. Big hugs! ❤️

    5. Yachy Ivy

      The dogs had a better birthday than I did ❤️

    6. Karen Guedez

      navy's voice!!! oh my gooodnessssss

    7. Lisa Os


    8. Deborah1nyla

      I just saw this -- and this Vlog is Beautiful -- Happy Birthday Indy and Navy!!!1 The party was great, the presents are great. You're both great parents to you furry babies! At this time, it's so good to see something go bring a smile on your face :) Happy Holidays!

    9. Emma Waklett

      My older brother died from a brain tumour when we were younger. Even though it’s been over 10 years the grief hasn’t really gone. All I can say is that the pain that comes with the waves of grief gets easier with time. Grief for me is not something to get over anymore, it’s just another way of loving my brother. Hopefully with time your pain will ease too. Sending my love xx

    10. Kassondra Hill

      Your doggies are so stinking cute!

    11. Cierra Harris

      You just made my year honestly ❤

    12. Eve Autym

      Love your videos there entertaining and bring great inspiration on different recipes and workouts to try. I can tell you enjoy making them and have fun doing it. We all go through different things in life but I know your a tough cookie and that you will get through it Whit. Me and the other viewers of your social medias and all of your family and friends will always be by your side. Its a beautiful day to be alive! PS Happy Birthday Navy and Indie. I loved Navy's singing he's such a talented sweet little baby.

    13. Victoria Wright

      This is the kind of extra I want to be on my doggo's birthday next month.

    14. Leslie Trevino

      This was the purest, most heart warming video. Omg 😭😍 And the part where you started choking up, Whit. 😭 ❤️ u.

    15. Rose Soffa Clarke

      this is adorable!

    16. Elisha Lucia

      omg this is so sweet! someone tell me why I almost cried when you and Stephen sang them happy birthday aww

    17. Zindee

      I lost my father in law about a month ago. Grief most definitely comes in waves and looks different for everyone. Thank you for being so raw and honest 💛

    18. Shailey D

      This had me feeling all the feels - crying with Whit in the kitchen 🥺 & smiling so big when navy sang in the car! 😍😄

    19. Kayla Richards

      This is literally the greatest vlog I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

    20. E A

      I’ve been watching you for a good long while now ... and I DONT KNOW THE BREED of your dogs :(

    21. Veronica j Sequeira

      They both look like chicken nuggets.... but in a good way....💕

    22. Janica Pinja

      This was so extra and wholesome. I love it I'm crying 😭😭😭

    23. Katie Currie

      I recently discovered your channel and I am OBSESSED with you! You have helped me reach a level of motivation that I didn't know I had. You are so amazing and so kind! Can't wait to watch more of your videos :)

    24. Kaela Wyche

      Can I be this extravagant for my doggo! Loved it

    25. Ger Vang

      I love you guys. You guys are going to be great parents!

    26. Holly McCabe

      Me: oh let me watch this video about the pups yay! Also me halfway through: 🥺🥺 thank you whitney I needed to hear that

    27. The Disney Native

      I love dogs so much 😭

    28. Jeegu Nugger


    29. Shenz

      I loved this video and the way you are with your fur babies. I also have 17289 nicknames for mine 😂😅😅❤️🥰

    30. Nadine Lourens

      I reeeeally enjoyed this one! Even got a little teary eyed , because I feel exactly the same about my three little puppers. Happy Birthday Navy and Indy xx

    31. Jess Rose

      Indigo, Navy. I have something to tell you..Your new bowls are actually for cats.. soz Whits, I couldn't live with myself keeping this from them.

    32. Jess Rose

      Came to this channel because of Georgia Richards 😂 (she LOVED your gymshark collab that you sent her) Stayed for your awesome personality and positive vibes 😊💖

      1. Logan Baker

        Whitney has the best personality

    33. Michelle Rangel

      What kinda puppies are navy and indie?? ❤️🙃

    34. santina K

      This is the best video I’ve everrrrr watched. You’re babies are so dang precious. Now I want to have a bday for my baby girl Daisy. Haha! Dogs are the best

      1. Logan Baker

        Dogs are the best friends💛 mine has gotten me through some of the darkest times🥰

    35. Lyn Nguyen

      Hi whit! I just caught up on your videos and watching the love you had for your pups throughout this video made me miss my dog so much. I had to put him down last week, he was 17 and my entire world. I don’t know how to get over this loss, my happiness is gone, I don’t have anything to make me genuinely smile anymore. If anyone has any advice of how to get over this, I’m totally open cause I’m in such a bad spot right now

      1. Logan Baker

        I’m so so sorry to hear this🥺 handling the loss of a pet is so hard the advice I have from my experience is to keep your mind busy with a hobby (I like coloring or reading), if you have a collar or something they wore just keep that with you so you feel like they’re close, and if you have any pictures of them you can carry that around.💛 I hope that helps

    36. teejaketeja

      Coach Greg sent me here. Auto subscribed! I love your energy and look forward to watch more of your videos~!

      1. Logan Baker

        Omg that’s crazy. I’ve been watching Whitney since 2015 and it’s crazy to me that people are still finding her sweet soul on here💛 welcome to the family!

    37. sweetestthing

      Big influencers so silent about our Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, trying to be pulled from our arms and children's arms... You are all SO AFRAID! YOU DO NOT SPEAK UP ABOUT ANYTHING THAT REALLY IS IMPORTANT💔💔💔 i watched you grow. Supported YOU, bought YOUR collabs! Now is the time to SUPPORT AMERICA AND AMERICANS!! you love to make the money? Right!?? Capitalize of Tarte! Gumshark! And Alani Nu! Dont you...??? Freaking no back bone, and so pathetic. Happy b day to your dogs. When you have children you will change and understand what REALLY IS IMPORTANT! Like saving our children and their future....😔💔

    38. Taposhe Rabeya

      She reminds me of khloe kardashian

    39. Mariah G

      Whitney, I managed to buy two of your leggings but I have one problem with them! My underwear lines show like crazy. What underwear do you recommended or do you not wear any with leggings? Anyone else have suggestions? I know they make seamless but I’ve gotten a pair from Victorias Secret and they ripped!

      1. Logan Baker

        I recommend not wearing any! I personally don’t and find that’s the best way😊

    40. Lemongrass Coconut

      I want a dog now

    41. Ashley Bowie

      This was so adorable

    42. Paola Pagan

      this was honestly the cutest thing ive ever seen

    43. whiterose8086

      Omg!! Your pupss are adorable!! Those faces!! 🥰🥰

    44. Alannah Lee

      Who came from Linda Sun vlog!

    45. Ashley Michel

      Happy birthday Navy and Indy 🥳🥳🥳 And my moms dogs wouldn’t eat any type of dog food! She literally made them chicken breasts with cheese on the side for their meals because they wouldn’t eat anything else. Even then they took awhile to eat that.

    46. Synclaire Tasker

      My childhood dogs name was Magoo! She passed 6 years ago... Weird how that works. But It made my heart happy to hear you say that was one of Navy’s nicknames

    47. Rachel Quade

      It would be awesome for you to do an updated house decor tour and where you get everything!

    48. Alexandria Katz

      this cured my sadness for today hahaha

    49. AnElizabeth Peyton

      This video brought me so much joy! Happy birthday Navy and Indy 😍

      1. Logan Baker

        The cutest lil family! Am I right or am I right?😩💛

    50. Becky Ferro

      Wow they are both so polite with that cake by dog would have dove head first as soon as it touched the floor haha

    51. glmrous ah

      Best dog parents ever ❤️❤️❤️

    52. Sasha Sleight

      What brand of dog food do you give your babies??

    53. HollyMarieee

      You're so blessed to have found a guy that adores your dogs like you do!

      1. Logan Baker

        Literally the relationship I hope to have one day🥺

    54. Caitlin Taylor


    55. Libbie Logan

      Whit, what's your favorite color? 😆

      1. Logan Baker

        Pink duhhhh😂 jk

    56. Michelle Barton

      MY DOG IS SUUUUUPER PICKY TOO!!! I can make her exactly what she wants and she still walks away, sniffs it and then leaves it, maybe will eat it later … sooooo frustrating but she is my baby ❤️

    57. Haley Amsel

      This should be titled, “Singalong With Whit” 😂

    58. Its Just Brytt

      This year hasn't been great for me either, my brother went missing on mother's day, he was sadly found in July & buried him on my birthday. 😔 I felt like a peice of me is missing. I haven't gone home since then, because I won't see him walk out of my mom's house waving at me. Since then we've been going through family drama with many people blaming each other. It's sad. Idk what to do other than nothing. I miss him everyday.

      1. Logan Baker

        I’m so so sorry to hear that🥺 I can’t even imagine the pain. My thoughts and love is being sent your way. I know that may not help but I hope it’s worth something💛

    59. Sarah Squared

      I feel like I got to see a new side of Whit- crazy but lovable dog mom. I am very happy w the energy we have in this vid 🥰 need more pls n thank u

    60. Kourtney Leech

      Oh my gosh so cute, they're gonna be the greatest parents!

    61. Dakota Daly

      This is the cutest family ever

      1. Logan Baker


    62. Kassandra

      what breed are they?

    63. Jennifer Duenas

      Cutest video!!! Made me smile today. :)

    64. Mary Dee

      I love you whit

    65. A gal

      This video made me cry 😢😍

    66. A person who loves God

      Whitney Simmons God is going to see you through this time of grief and beyond put you trust in Him because He cares for you!

    67. Esther Pena

      Omg, I just love how you look at your babes!

    68. Lindsay Drawn

      This made me so happy 😁

    69. Vishwani Persaud

      I love how supportive Stefan is of you and I’m soo HAPPY you guys are getting married🤗 you both make great pup parents❤️

    70. Helena Vo

      You're literally going to be the best mom, EVER. Will you adopt me until then? 😂😂❤️❤️

    71. Katherine Anna

      I adore you. I am so happy that I found your channel. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being you. Btw I love your doggos.

    72. catherine rachel joy esteves ferrer

      This is the most wholesome freakin video I’ve ever seen in my life 🥺🥰 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPERONIS, what a lovely pawty you had 🥳

    73. Alyssa H

      Whitney, I tried being resourceful and figuring out what this living room rug might be, but I couldn't find it! Are you willing to share where it's from?

    74. Lauren Elizabeth Godfrey

      13:30 when Stephen makes the INAPPROPRIATE joke 😂😂 I love them and how they radiate and glow together 🥺

    75. Monica Persico

      We all love you so much Whitney!!!!

    76. Taylor Beck

      I lost my mom to suicide in 2015.. I so deeply appreciate the message you send. Kindness and positivity, thank you for being open. Grieving is an ongoing process that I do believe gets easier with time

    77. Stephanie Chambers

      Hi! I've been dealing with grief for the last 3 years :( I read a book and it said to not put your grief in stages BECAUSE it comes in waves. You don't need to grieve in a certain pattern. So if you get angry in a years time that's ok too! Just wanted to share that little nugget because it made me feel better about my slow journey.

    78. Lauren Sanders

      Wow this was so wholesome 🥺

    79. Gianna Castellano

      I just want to say how much I appreciate that you look into the camera and not at yourself in the viewfinder...idk why but such a pet peeve of mine when people do that🙈🙈 so thank you😂

    80. TBH_ave

      Indy's lashes thoooo 🔥

    81. Helena Vo

      Is it just me or does Stephen seem like a very proud dad when he was encouraging Navy to sing for the cam 😂🤍

    82. Sin

      Happy birthday Navy !💙

    83. Steph TheBest

      MIss Indie's lashes on 9:40 OMG!

    84. Krystel Lipani

      I love seeing this type of content! Dogs bring so much joy and truly enrich our lives! 🥰

    85. Sarah Price

      So funny. It was my dogs birthday in September, a week after all he got was "oh shit it was your birthday last week, happy birthday Hunter" he really didn't care either way. 😆

    86. Tori Pascucci

      You are both going to be AMAZING parents!!!!

    87. Brandon Keller

      Was there really enough stock for your collection?

    88. Maridalia Gomez

      Omg!!! They are soooo cute. What breed are they?

    89. Tess Wendt

      This is soooo cute!!

    90. Andrea paul

      Sale going on , disappointed, most things are sold out 😞

    91. Milan

      idk what happened there either.....but thanks girl. def needed to hear that

    92. Gabrielle Snow

      most wholesome video of 2020

    93. Kiera Coombes

      This is the best vlog I’ve ever seen

    94. dani flores

      im really just CHEESIN this entire video i luv her lil family so much 💛💛💛💛

    95. Alyssa Lauren

      The amount of names i've given my dogs in quarantine is astronomical

    96. ninnieol

      I got so emotional when you started singing for them, I don't know why 😭😭 What a wholesome vlog, loved it!

    97. nikolina josipovic

      Happy birthday sweet pups🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🎉🎉🎂🎂

    98. Chelsea Keeping

      This made my heart so happy 🥰 im gonna go cuddle my dog for the rest of the day now k bye

    99. Just Vicky

      It's crazy how much of a different our fur babies make our lives. I'd be lost with out my Nala and she is seven on 3rd of November! xx

    100. Kenzie Schlemitz

      I have a 6lbs toy poodle and after one week of a food she won’t eat it anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️ done spot and tango and she likes then doesn’t 😭😭