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    IT'S A MONTHLY FAVORITES! My current favorite beauty, fitness and workout clothes.
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    1. hilta

      I really enjoy the way she talks and I just wanna keep her talking and talking

    2. Andrea Rao

      your monthly favorite videos are so intense lmao love it

    3. Gabrielle Aura Emo

      I freaking love your energie 😩❤️

    4. Olivia Block

      You’re the first person I’ve heard who actually wants their brows covered with sunglasses lol!! I can’t stand when they’re covered and mine always are cuz my brows sit low

    5. Katherine Chlus

      Whitney!!! Where did you get your personalized necklace? Love it

    6. Sierra Ford

      I want that gym shark bandeau bra so bad but it’s always out of stock!!!

    7. Hannah Lang

      I’m dealing with hormonal acne after getting off of birth control as well!

    8. Mia Promchana

      Hi Whitney sorry What's its the make up brand? I know you link it but I can't seem to check it out. Xx

    9. Crafted By Jess

      I've been a subscriber since before you moved and you lived in the old house with your brother. You inspired me to start my channel, and today I posted my first Monthly Favorites video in honor of your launch 😜💗 I'm so happy for you and congratulate you on your success 🥰

    10. Carissa Wong

      I've never tried the training bandeaus but I like the regular training v-neck sports bras. Can anyone compare the two? I like the v-neck because they have little fabric so I don't feel hot in them and they're flattering for smaller chests.

    11. Alexandra Chilmaid

      Does anybody know if these are the green or blue lenses? She linked the blue lenses but hers look to be more like the classic green lenses

    12. 10stellas

      I can sit and listen to you speak all day ❤

    13. Jasmine K

      I almost wanna watch this twice it was so funny🔥 hot fire flames whit 🔥🔥

    14. Natalie Jemini

      WHIT!!!! That necklace! Love where is it from?!

    15. Anabell Gonzalez

      Whitney, I know you know this but you are literally a walking talking ball of sunshine. I’m currently crying because me and my boyfriend had a big argument and the way you said and danced to this being a random favorites video and when you said achoo achoo achoo just made me laugh and instantly brightened me up. I love your mannerisms you are so funny and positive I wish I could have a friend exactly like you in my life.

    16. Stugemm

      Hi Whitney! I just wanna say that I love these videos and I cant live without these products either! Anyways good luck in the future Whitney.

    17. Megan Mae

      Lol! Your personality! Every video makes me laugh

    18. Marissa Edwards

      I need fave shoes!!!

    19. marcos gomes


    20. Macie Chapman

      Can you film an updated self tan routine? Please!!1

    21. jelisse18

      Where did you get your necklace ?

    22. Nicole Helgeson

      She’s just the cutest person! 🤩

    23. SarahDambacher

      Where is your initial necklace from?

    24. Alexandra Chilmaid

      Are the ray ban glasses blue or black lenses?

      1. Alexandra Chilmaid

        they look black, but the ones you linked are blue lenses!

    25. RaeshmaByGrace

      Whitney can talk about a glass of water and make it sound like the bestest, most delicious pristine water ever. 😂👍🏽 Love your reviews!

    26. Shelby Brown

      I honestly love your brows. You should do a video where you show how you get the fluff 😍

    27. Zindee

      Glad you cleared up the aid vs. age because I def thought you said age too 😅

    28. Shelby York

      Do you have a video about what happened when you got off birth control? Did your periods come back? It's been over a year and I'm STILL trying to regulate my hormones after 12 years of birth control.

    29. Shelby York

      Comin' in with that back hand LOL!

    30. Selena Stewart

      Late to this video but needed this today. Thanks for being you❤

    31. Lea Michelle

      Are your ray ban glasses 51mm or 54mm?

    32. Naturally Gabby

      Love those gym shark bras!

    33. HAYGURLHAY22

      Whit can you give us a closet tour? How the heck do you organize all your gym clothes?

    34. Miriam Esther

      Love the white tank you’re wearing here! Anyone recognize where that might be from?

    35. Karly Morris

      This looks awesome!! So this may sound really strange, but you actually blocked me on IG and I am not sure why! I just realized I was blocked recently when I went to check out your new swim line. 😅

    36. Melony Hurtado

      Can you make more full-body workouts with dumbells I love your workouts!!!!!

    37. Gabi B

      Where is your adorable necklace from 😍😍

    38. tmor8764

      Easy healthy meal ideas!

    39. Yanabah M.

      I can't wait for WHITMAS!!!!! YASSSSSS!!!

    40. C H

      Sorry, I'm unsubscribing. You just have too unpredictable a posting schedule. But I did buy your palette after the first video I saw of yours, so I'll always remember you for that !!!

    41. Janel Yarber

      You're hilarious!! I love it😂💞

    42. Carla Lozada

      Whitney please come Kleinfeld NYC to find your wedding dress! I’d die and and come back to life if you appear in Say Yes to the dress

    43. Danielle Gonzalez

      I'm a sweet tooth sister! yes sir :)

    44. Katey Addison

      Omg that was me 🙋🏼‍♀️ I totally thought you said supplements will age you 😂

    45. Sarah Pradolin

      This is the best monthly favourites video ever 😂 and solid recommendations !!

    46. Nicole Foster

      Where is this necklace from?? 😍

    47. Kristina Asbury

      Been down and depressed lately.. was like "what shall lift my spirits?" "The lifter herself, Whitney Simmons" 🤪😁 watching your vibes sets tones in my life.

    48. Caroline Mckee

      Hihi I have sensitive skin and I know you do too and I was wondering what sunscreen you use? My face is super sensitive and I would love to know what sunscreen you use on your face to see if it might work for me too. I’ve followed for years and I feel like I can always trust your favorites (and you) - thanks for the help of you see this!

    49. Rachel Terry

      Hi Whitney I commented on your invisalign video that u made a year ago. Can you please look at it??❤️❤️

    50. Sabrina Valdez

      What did you do for your hormonal acne after to stop birth control ?? Mines is so bad I clean Exfoliate my face once a week and I still can get ride of it !! Please help me lol let me know what you do

    51. fishing with filitsa

      Very nice

    52. Barbie Play Boy Bunny

      Hola. Please, please, please for all Holiness. Don't ever stop saying to us; "It's a beautiful day to be alive". I always apply it with a Twist. Where I say it to God. Because it is a beautiful day to be alive. Amen. .

    53. Meghan Lorenz

      you should do a review of tik tok amazon dupes!!!

    54. M Barten

      I want to see an eyebrow tutorial! I love your brows 🥰

    55. Laurel Nelson

      OG Whit is happy you found your passion for jump roping again 😄😄😄

    56. libby correa


    57. thesunthemoon thetruth09

      You’re my virtual BFF just thought I’d tell you lol. Your sense of humor & personality can brighten anyone’s day. 😂💖

      1. Rebecca Jean


    58. Abbey Luu

      did anybody think of the girl who stole her packages when she said her white bra was missing & maybe somebody stole it 😂😂

    59. Shaylyn Ensign

      What was the blue natural foundation was that that you love to wear everywhere?? I would like to get it!

    60. Priscilla Garcia

      Can't wait to try that pre-workout! Where my sweet tooth sistass at?

    61. Marianellyy Diaz

      💜💜💜💜always giving us the good stuff !!! love it !💜💜💜💜💜

    62. Kaetlyn Blazon

      I’m so glad that someone feels as strongly about the foundation from rare beauty as I do 😂 it’s my favorite. I can’t see myself ever finding one I love as much.

    63. D B

      The only genuine youtuber I’ve found doesn’t try to be picture perfect and is herself funny and silly and so relatable 🙌🙏☺️

    64. Chilly Armendariz

      I say let’s do a current clothing favs for winter/fall video!!!!! Always love a GWWM and a grocery haul❤️

    65. 3393angie

      Just bought this jump rope 😂

    66. Joyce Kim

      Lol I love you

    67. katieaberger

      Girlll imma need you to tell gymshark to restock the black speed shorts, that tab STAYS open in my safari 😂😭

    68. Raya McGill

      OK i need the gymshark training bandeau you've convinced me

    69. arthurtheaardvark13

      I don't know why you keep saying you're a small-boob girl...I'M an extra-small boob girl and you, by comparison, are definitely a medium boob girl LOL

    70. hem88

      Hahah. I laughed out loud when you put on the hand sanitizer! 😂

    71. Antonella Onai

      Are you sure they are missing and someone is not hiding them hmmm 🤔🤔🤔😏😏🤫🤫😩😩

    72. Linda Rodriguez

      Oh girl would love for you to try SAVVI. I have ordered some of gym shark from your code, but I want you to try these please. Just trust me. I have been watching you since I was pregnant I love your videos. My daughter is 4 now. You were still at a 9-5 when I started to watch you. What I can say too is im so happy your getting married. I remember your one video of you cooking saying "wife me up" lol. I am so happy for you boo, Please message me lets chat about SAVVI. My IG: Miami_bossmom XOXO Cracks me up when you say: Listen Linda. Linda is my name lol.

    73. Eva

      Where is your necklace from? 😍

    74. Alabama Girl

      Whitney you know damn well that jump rope is now special and everyone that watches this will want it just cuz you mention it 🤣🤣🤣

    75. Alabama Girl

      You and that hand sanitizer. Gahhh I can’t even. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just love you so much, 😭 you are joy I swear

    76. Shana

      Hi Whitney, As a fellow girl with dry skin and slight Psoriasis, I would love to see a video focused on products that help you with these issues. Is there a special shampoo you use, lotion, makeup products, fragrance free, etc.?

    77. Madison Brower

      girl when are those sports bras gonna restock again??👀✨💗

    78. Kristen Gadomski

      Are you wearinng the new balance athletica top>???

    79. Jesse Serra

      But what's your favorite toothpaste cause you got some PEARLy whites

    80. Lisa Bjorklund

      Does anyone know or remember where Whit’s S❤️W necklace is from? 😅

    81. Leea Bond

      Great video! We need more videos Whit!!! Lol

    82. Fae Doherty

      Your Favourites Videos are my favourite kind of video 🥰🙌🏻

    83. Taylor Ely

      LOVE this hahah your videos make me smile!! Tried Rare Beauty after you recommended it and I loved it!

    84. Laura Wilms

      Can you please do an everyday house tour video?!

    85. Maria

      I love your necklace!! can you please say where you got it 😍

    86. allisondear

      The hexagonal Ray Bans are soooo [chef's kiss]! They fit your face perfectly! I have the same pair but with blue gradient lenses and I love em. :D

    87. Nzi 28

      If I am having a bad day I just need to watch a Whit video and am happy. You have such a beautiful aura and energy.

    88. amayyzzen

      Could you please, please tell us where your beautiful necklace is from? I love it! 😍

    89. Sarah Martel

      I just love you so much, this video made my fricken day!!! but yes you NEED to get the ray bans in black, I have the same ones as you and I'm absolutely obsessed.

    90. Elle Lynn Brown

      i just love your energy

    91. Jetsetting with Jenny

      Can we just talk about how excited I got when she said she got off her birth control? 👀 like 1) yay for you 2) baby whit would be sooo cute

    92. Rose

      You‘re SO amazing, Whit. Honestly you make me feel soo happy and comfortable and confident and motivateeed💥 Your videos or insta storys literally make my day (sm better)🥰🥺 Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and doing what you do❤️🧚🏼‍♀️🦋

    93. A Sayy

      Pop pop, pop pop pop... is whitney putting on makeup or popping bubble wrap? we'll never know

    94. Lauren Norona

      Hahahah😂😂 freaking love you and your dang vids you’ll always be my IRvision fave ❤️

    95. sarah carrier

      Test item beauty by Addison Rae

    96. Rachel Herrin

      Where is your top from??

    97. Laura W

      I am here for this video 🙌 Also I really need a meal suggestion video for a girl who works 9-5 in an office. Like what do I do for a quick on the go breakfast that’s healthy and nutritious, and what do I pack to eat that’s easy and healthy for lunch, and than what do I make when I get home when I only have like an hour maybe two, to cook and eat? Help a girl out! 🤣😊

    98. Jomara Galvez

      I remember your obsession with sour patch watermelon 😭😭 IVE BEEN WATCHING YOU SINCE 2017 BABY!!!

    99. Melissa-Anne Gonzales

      Whit is such a vibe 😂

    100. April Henderson

      I’m hello me again 😂🥰 GIRL!!! tell me whyyyyyyyy I cried HAPPY TEARS seeing your swim suit line! *Aaaaaahhhhhhh* LYSM! So proud of you girl! 💙💙💙