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    ALMOST A FULL FACE of Selena Gomez’s new makeup company... Rare Beauty 🎉🤍 first impressions, some swatches and a get ready with me.
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    1. idkbye. idkbye.

      FUN FACT: ☆ the packaging of the foundation/concealer has a ball on the top to help with people with arthritis (since selena also struggles a little w/ that.) ☆ The packaging is Eco Friendly. ☆ The brand is vegan and cruelty free. ☆ The brands goal is to donate 100 million for Mental illnes foundations.

      1. Stephanie Preston-Mullins

        And, to add to my comment a positive role model for girls & guys! ❤💋😘💄

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        Arthritis cap yesss babbyyy. Chronic illness warriors up in hurr tryna hide my Imperfectionssss.

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        I can tell you pick up on some things from Nikki 😱💯

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      Puh-leeeeease do more of this type of thing! I usually get so bored during makeup themed videos - this is the BEST one ever. Thank you for the laughs and keep shining your light! 😆😍💖

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      What nail polish is she wearing? It looks so pretty ✨

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      Does she ever set all that liquids tho other than the puff? I’m so confused when you’re supposed to set everything- should you set foundation and then put the liquid blush on top so it doesn’t all slide around?

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      Gosh dangit, Whit! I shouldn’t have watched this video cause now I WANT IT ALL.

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      You look so beautiful!! With and without the makeup🥰 thank you for showing us these great products and def need the cream blushes💖🤍

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      Thanks for uploading! If you have a minute, I posted a cover of Billie Eilish. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you'd take a listen. It's on my page. Hope you enjoy!

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      you'd look amazing going to the beach no makeup and just that primer on. Your skin is so glowy and tan

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      This brand is PERFECT for a face that loves “oil”, and I don’t meant actual oil. That “oil” look that you get after doing your skincare routine. I don’t like putting on make up everyday and I LOVE that this brand just gives a hint of make up when you really don’t want to wear any, yet still LOOKS AMAZING! 🤍

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      What mascara do you use?

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      Love your review on the Rare beauty and also I LOVE your nails!!

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      Just binge watched and caught up with the last few videos 😂 the tarte concealer really emphasizes my fine lines under my eyes, do you feel like this concealer would be helpful or worse for people with fine lines?

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      I really liked your review the products you used look very nice on you, check out my rare beauty review on Stay Gold. :)

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      I really wish you would stand up for Our CHILDREN and use your voice! Remember a while back when all the BLM terrorist propaganda was being push,(still is) and you wanted other "big" influencers to "use their voices"??? Well you shared about it... so what about now, everything is finally coming to light that it was all a political tactic... and everyone is silent about it now! People be free thinkers! Turn off that biased media trash.. and do some Research! No influencer is going to spend their time doing research on this. They all make money from the evil! It's all sickening! Makeup is not important... children's lives are!! Our innocence! You'll be married some day... and have babies and it will open a WHOLE new side of who you are! A whole new world.. seeing it through the eyes of your precious children! Imagine somebody taking them and taking their innocence😔😤😡

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